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SoA: Jax Teller

moony_blues in tinman_stamps

You're taking directions... from a dog

To start off:
Name: Rachel
Age: 24
Favorite color: blue
Pick five words to describe yourself: determined, perfectionist, driven, loyal, smart, snarky
What do you consider your strengths?: My attention to detail, my creativity,
What do you consider your weaknesses?: I can sometimes get lost in those details...
List any talents you have: I write, sing, play keyboard, study languages, fiddle with graphics

This or that questions .. (all of these should have a why at the end of them)
Are you impulsive or do you think things through before you act? I'm definitely a thinker. I usually don't make any decisions without first consulting at least three people that I respect to get advice and to help me think things through. Even with little things, I generally stop to ask myself what I really want. I didn't always think...it's a habit I've developed over time. I am by no means indecisive, but it does take me some time to make up my minds sometimes. :D
Do you work quickly to get things done or do you take your time and make sure it's done right? Oh, I'm a perfectionist, so I generally take my time to make sure it's done right. The only time things get done quickly is when I've done it enough to develop a system.
Do you prefer to work in a group or by yourself? By myself! Especially in school! I don't like the feeling of having to depend on other people for my grades.
Are you an optimist or pessimist? Actually, I've been described as a fatalist, lol! A good proof of that is the fact that all of my stories are dripping with angst.
Do you stick to your beliefs or are you willing to change them? I will stick to my beliefs. They only change as my faith deepens.
Leader or follower? Leader, especially in a power vacuum. If there's not a leader in any group in which I participate, then I'm generally the one who steps up to the plate.
Dreamer or realist? A little of both, but leaning more toward realism. I do have my dreams, but I also realize that I have to live in the real world.
Friends or family? Family. I was raised in small town America where family is the number one priority. I was miserable during the four years I was in Texas getting my BS degree, and the only reason was that my family was far enough away that I couldn't drive home. Friends can come and go, but family is with you for life. Family is your support when times get rough. Or, at least, that's the way it's been in my life.
Extroverted or introverted? An extroverted introvert. Haha! I'm usually pretty reserved with new people. Once I get comfortable, I can be outgoing.

Situational ..
Imagine you are Cain. Would you have let Zero live or would you have killed him for the pain he caused you and your family? Why? Wow...I would have still put Zero in the suit. Not only will he be given a taste of his own medicine, but he'll not be able to harm anyone else. Now, if it came down to a trial, I'd want the death penalty, but I wouldn't establish myself as judge, jury, and executioner.
Now imagine you're DG. Upon learning that Tutor had been giving your location away to Azkadelia, what would you have done? Why?
I would feel hurt, betrayed, and upset. In that situation, though, the only way to deal with him would be to either kill him or put him on a really tight leash as Toto. As I said above, I'm not judge, jury, or executioner, so I'm going to put him on the leash, probably literally if I can find a rope.

Characters ..
Which is your favorite character? Why? Wyatt Cain. Aside from the obvious, fangirly reasons, he has the same high family values as I do. He's also such a complex character, with many facets and many plot holes to explore.
Which character did you like the least? Why? Hmm...I liked them all for different reasons...Probably DeMilo. He's just sleazy.
Which character(s) do you feel you would get along with best? Why? DG. We're both pretty snarky.
Which character(s) do you believe you would never be friends with? Why? DeMilo. Again, he's just pure sleaze
Do you have a favorite pairing? Why do you think they would be good together? CDG. She's the Princess that saved him and brought him back to life. He's the rugged Tin Man who almost lost his life, on more than one occasion, in an attempt to save her life. Not to mention the whole riding-to-the-damsel's-rescue-on-a-white-horse thing.

Random ..
Would you sacrifice yourself for the good of others? Why? Yes. "Greater love has no man than this, that he should lay down his life for his friends." It's one of those scriptures by which I live.
What would you say is the biggest obstacle you've overcome? Honestly, I think the biggest obstacle for me was the inability to believe in myself. And it's not necessarily totally overcome. Development comes in spurts.

Anything else you think we should know about you? Not really...you can find out more about me on my personal page, if you really want to know. :)