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BtVS - Drusilla

missedith in tinman_stamps

Mod post :)

Alright, I realize I fail at life for not stamping people that needed them (which should be taken care of now ^_^), so please, no throwing stones at me!

Also: don't be like me and forget to leave a vote on the new applications!  There's at least one from last month that needs quite a few more votes!

I've added Jeb Cain to the list of possible stamps, since I noticed a few people wanted him up there.  So don't forget you can also vote people as him!


*LOL* you beat me to it ;)
I was just going to suggest we add Jeb cause there's a few people I've seen that are totally Jeb-like :D

I vote on everyone *is a good Mod* :P
XD I guess that makes me the bad mod! >_>
Nah, you're just the incredibly busy mod *hugs* :)

Besides, you have the really important job of stamping people and providing shinies :D