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Tin Man Stamping
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A community where one answers questions as provided by the creators of the community and posts for other members to vote on them. They can be voted as a number of things, such as characters from books, movies, or television shows; as animals; or in the case of certain Harry Potter related communities, which of the four school houses they should be in. At the end of a certain amount of time (ranging from days to weeks), the maintainers "stamp" the original poster and thus ends the voting.
1. Be polite. If you are blatently rude, your comment will be deleted and you will be warned once. After the first warning, you're banned.
2. No character bashing. It's perfectly fine to hate a character, but saying things like "omg azkadellia is such a h0 i wish she'd died!!1" won't be tolerated. If you'd like to hate on characters, feel free to find another community.
3. NO MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS. If we find out you have more than one account on here that you're using to vote, you WILL be banned. It's not fair of you to skew voting towards the character YOU want.
YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE STAMPED IN ORDER TO VOTE! But you MUST be a member, so join first!
Your comment should have the subject line Tin Man Vote. This not only makes it easy for us to know which comments are actual votes, but also ensures that the original poster knows where the comment came from.
Please bold the character your are voting them as. This is yet another way for us to see what character you are voting them as. Example: "I see a lot of Glitch in you, but also some Cain :)"
If you cannot get a feel for someone, please vote them as a Mobat. If enough people are voted this way, we will ask the original poster to add more to their application and resubmit it.
All applications should be behind a cut, which shouldn't be a problem if you use the pre-formatted application in the text box below.
To let us know you've read the rules, please put "You're taking directions... from a dog." as the subject line of your post.
Feel free to post a photo of yourself at the end of your application, but only if you want to.
If you do not follow the rules your post will be deleted. So please be sure to ;)

You will be stamped after you recieve at least 10 votes. If there is a tie, a post will be made by one of us after for more votes on your application. You will recieve a final comment from us with the subject "STAMPED: (insert character)".
WRITE AS MUCH AS YOU CAN FOR ANSWERS!!. The more you write the easier it will be for us to get a feel for you!
Master stamped list

When stamped, you will be marked as resembling one of the following characters closest:

1. DG
2. Cain
3. Glitch
4. Azkadellia
5. Raw
6. Zero
7. Lavender Eyes
8. Tutor
9. Jeb Cain
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