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flatliner345 in tinman_stamps

You're Taking Directions...From A Dog.

To start off:
Name: Pheonix DeWinter
Age: 28
Favorite color: Forest Green :3
Pick five words to describe yourself: Caring, Protective, Outgoing, Loving, Leader
What do you consider your strengths?: I Am Calm In Chaotic Situations, I Can Keep My Head In A Crisis, I Am A Very Huggable Person!!!
What do you consider your weaknesses?: I Am Paranoid, And Am Prone To Panic Attacks. Uh, I Can Be Very Angsty If Put In The Right Position.
List any talents you have: I Can Write And I Can Act!!!

This or that questions .. (all of these should have a why at the end of them)
Are you impulsive or do you think things through before you act? I'm impulsive. Like they say, it's easier to beg forgiveness than to ask permission.
Do you work quickly to get things done or do you take your time and make sure it's done right? I work quickly. I have place to be and people to see.
Do you prefer to work in a group or by yourself? I can work in a group if I'm the dominant driving force, if not, then I want to work alone.
Are you an optimist or pessimist?
Do you stick to your beliefs or are you willing to change them? I stick to my beliefs. If you don't stand for something, then you'll get knocked down for nothing.
Leader or follower? Leader, as said in the first part. I can't blindly follow, I'm too much of a dominant force.
Dreamer or realist? I am a realist, but I put a dreamer slant to certain aspects of my world.
Friends or family? Family!! La Famiglia Viene Prima!!! (The Family Is First)
Extroverted or introverted? Majorly Extroverted. You need to either get busy living or get busy dying, and I'm not doing the latter.

Situational ..
Imagine you are Cain. Would you have let Zero live or would you have killed him for the pain he caused you and your family? Why? I would've tortured and killed Zero slowly. No one fucks with my family and gets away with it unscathed. Once again, La Famiglia Viene Prima.
Now imagine you're DG. Upon learning that Tutor had been giving your location away to Azkadelia, what would you have done? Why? I would've killed him. A Traitor Dies A Traitor's Death, One Bullet In The Chest, And One Bullet In The Head.

Characters ..
Which is your favorite character? Why? Cain. He is protective of those he loves, and I see that strongly mirrored in myself.
Which character did you like the least? Why? Zero. He punched a helpless child, for no reason. He will rot in the lowest layer, of the darkest precinct in hell.
Which character(s) do you feel you would get along with best? Why? Cain. He and I seem to have the same qualities about us, and I think we would get along well.
Which character(s) do you believe you would never be friends with? Why? Zero. He's a child abuser, I would kill him the moment I saw him.
Do you have a favorite pairing? Why do you think they would be good together? Cain/Glitch!! There is NOTHING straight about calling another man 'sweetheart'!!!

Random ..
Would you sacrifice yourself for the good of others? Why? Yep. 1 Yaoi Fan Dies, Her Family Lives...Fair Trade.
What would you say is the biggest obstacle you've overcome? My Past, definately!!

Anything else you think we should know about you? Umm....nope.


Tin Man vote

I'm torn between DG and Cain .. I see both of them in you a LOT, but I think Cain stands out just a wee bit more.

Tin Man Vote

I think I'm seeing a bit of Azkadellia mixed with some Cain.
Hmmmm, I see a lot of Azkadellia in you :O
I'm gonna say Azkadellia as well.
I'm torn between CAIN or AZKADELLIA but the Zero question kinda pushes me towards AZKADELLIA
I see a lot of both Azkedellia but I'm going mainly with Cain because of the least fave character question :-)

Tin Man Vote

While I see a bit of Cain lurking in this..I have to go with Glitch.
Um Jeb even though he's not a stamp. Yet.

This needs to be changed.


Sorry it took so long to stamp you!