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abandonedgypsy in tinman_stamps

Your taking directions from a dog.....

To start off:
Name: Aurora
Age: 25
Favorite color: red ,black
Pick five words to describe yourself: Loyal, hot-tempered, flirty, sexual, over-serious
What do you consider your strengths?: My heart.  My intelligence.My sense of humor.
What do you consider your weaknesses?: I’m very quick tempered and I can be very selfish  (even when I don't mean to be) I'm a people pleaser.I'm shy and introverted, though I wish to be noticed.
List any talents you have: Writing, acting

This or that questions .. (all of these should have a why at the end of them)
Are you impulsive or do you think things through before you act? I wish I would  think things through but mostly I’m impulsive, I act on instinct, & then think things through which can be frustrating because you can see all the faults in hindsight.
Do you work quickly to get things done or do you take your time and make sure it's done right? Sometimes I have a burst of energy or inspiration, but I can be a horrible procrastinator.
Do you prefer to work in a group or by yourself? Usually alone. I can work well in a group 
Are you an optimist or pessimist? Let’s say 50/50. I’m always berating myself for believing too much that things are looking up.
Do you stick to your beliefs or are you willing to change them? I stick to my beliefs.
Leader or follower? Again, 50/50. I want to follow along but get peeved when they don't think the way I do.
Dreamer or realist? I’m a dreamer, I’m constantly dreaming.
Friends or family? Family. Blood thicker than water.
Extroverted or introverted? IntrovertedI can be really bombastic & funny in a group, but inside I’d long to be drawing & writing , so introverted.

Situational ..
Imagine you are Cain. Would you have let Zero live or would you have killed him for the pain he caused you and your family? Why? I’d probably punch him hard, I wouldn’t kill him. I believe firmly in justice . That said, I’d also know that he would get punished big time in the outcome of a trial, so  I'd secretly still get my revenge but w/out getting my ands dirty.

Now imagine you're DG. Upon learning that Tutor had been giving your location away to Azkadelia, what would you have done? Why?
  He'd stay in dog form until the end of the journey then pay for his betrayel. He'd never work for royalty again that's for sure.
Characters ..
Which is your favorite character? Why? I loved them all really but if I had to  Cain, because his story is so touching, he finds his heart but isn’t a push over ,mushy man, he finds the perfect balance ; Azkadellia, because she’s tragic, because she’s hurt and angry and has this thing inside of her that eats away at her and she can’t control it, I can relate to that;  DG because she's brave ,sincire and compassionate.
Which character did you like the least? Why? Zero. ‘Cause he’s just mean. But I guess that means he did his job well. Hot though,lol
Which character(s) do you feel you would get along with best? Why? Az because her personality just speaks to my own; possessed or not she's like a little lost girl wanting acceptance.Cain, also, because he’s tough, but a good person and has a sharp sense of humor. DG ,as well because she's cynical and sweet .
Which character(s) do you believe you would never be friends with? Why? Zero, although he does make a great right hand man
Do you have a favorite pairing? Why do you think they would be good together? DG/Cain. I like older/younger dynamics . Azkadellia/Jeb. Their masters at awkward family runions,lol.
Random ..
Would you sacrifice yourself for the good of others? Why? If I knew I’d be specifically helping the people I love, yes.
What would you say is the biggest obstacle you've overcome? My mental illness. It’s difficult having that other part of you, nagging,harassing, giving you darker thoughts than you’d have on your own; at its worst, it is like having something or someone else inside of you that you can’t control. But having family,friends ( and meds) who help and support me has helped me, if not conquer it, keep it well in check. Gotta love therapy too.

Anything else you think we should know about you? Sometimes I feel like I’m a walking contradiction.But my mind is a bizarre ,complex ,unique thing. I wouldn't wish it on anybody but I wouldn't change it either.


Azkedellia, with some strong Wyatt Cain undercurrents.
I'm gonna have to go with Azkedellia too.
DG for impulsiveness and thinking later.
Azkadellia, so very! :-D